Now more than ever, customers demand from businesses an elevated experience from start to finish. This means that they need answers, access, and information readily available. Automation has become an integral part of a positive customer experience.

By offering customer experience automation, your business can still provide unparalleled customer service when your staff is otherwise unable to provide it themselves. With the right technology partner and systems, your business can offer the customer experience automation that modern customers are seeking.


What is Customer Experience Automation (CXA)?

Let’s first define what we mean by customer experience automation. The customer experience refers broadly to how the customer thinks and feels about your brand when buying a product or service. While customer service is absolutely part of the customer’s total experience, the experience is a much more broadly applicable term.

When thinking about how a customer interacts with your business, CXA uses artificial intelligence to automate certain aspects of the experience. This could be anything from using chatbots to gather the necessary information from a customer before handing them off to a live person or even providing analytics or omnichannel support. 


Why Is CX Automation Important

Customer experience automation matters because it helps you provide better service to your customers. Automating certain aspects of the customer’s experience gives your customers an immediate response, ensuring there are no gaps in service to your customers, which in turn gives them a better overall experience and view of your company. Automation can also help customers better use your website or app, and it can help everyone save time.


Benefits Of Implementing Customer Support Automation

By choosing to automate customer support measures, you can provide a number of benefits to your customers, which will only enhance their perception of your business. Providing customer support is often a time-consuming process for businesses. By providing customer support automation, you can expedite this otherwise lengthy process. But saving time isn’t the only benefit. Keep reading to learn how else your customers can benefit from customer experience automation.

Customer Support Automation Enhances Personalization

Believe it or not, customer experience automation can provide enhanced personalization, especially if it is used to filter or route support requests. For example, if a customer has a billing issue, they do not need to speak with the scheduling department. Providing cx automation actually makes the overall experience more personalized because they get the answers they need. The best processes also allow for a live customer support agent to step in if the customer’s needs cannot be met through the automated process. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

When your customers’ needs are met, they are happier and more likely to return back to your business as loyal customers. Providing cx automation allows you to better address your customers’ needs, efficiently and effectively, so that they are satisfied and will return. 

Proactive Customer Engagement

If your customer has a question about the process, needs attention regarding billing issues or something else, or is curious about what else you provide, you will want to be sure to engage that customer so they do not feel ignored. Especially in high-volume industries like the healthcare industry, being proactive with cx automation will give customers the opportunity to engage with your business right away, at any time, whether your practice or business is actually open. 

Proactive customer engagement through customer experience automation provides the best of both worlds: the attention your customers need but without the staffing burden that providing those services often demands.

Consistency Across Channels

Customer experience automation also provides consistency across channels, whether it’s through an app, your website, or even social media. Providing automated cx support means that your customers will get the same answer no matter where they go, which eliminates compounded issues and helps solve problems, keeping customers happy. 

Increased Efficiency with CX Automation

Of course, as we mentioned, automating the customer support aspect of your business can help everyone save some time. By making the process more efficient, you will save on labor costs, your staff can more quickly address issues, and your customers will be happier. Having an efficient customer support process will help keep customers happy, even in the event they run into an issue.


What Is A CX Platform?

More robust than a contact center, a CX platform is a type of software that typically offers businesses a multitude of functions and scalability of services, from customer service automation to CRM tools, analytics and reports, and more. A CX platform offers customer experience automation plus other tools. 


Different Services Customer Service Automation Platforms Offer

Depending on the vendor you choose, you can find that CX platforms offer customer service automation in addition to a number of other useful services for both your customers and your business.

At Credence Global Solutions, we cater to four unique industries: healthcare, telecom utilities, media and entertainment, and finance. You’ll find that our customer experience automation services are specific to helping the customers and businesses in these industries.

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is an incredibly useful customer experience automation tool that businesses can use to better understand how their customers interact with their brand. Knowing how your customers approach your website, what services and products they’re seeking out, and more, can help you streamline their visit to be more efficient and more satisfying for customers.

Voice Of The Customer (VOC) Programs

Collecting customer feedback is paramount in truly understanding how your business is performing. By incorporating Voice of the Customer Programs, you can gain information from customers and use that insight to better address your customers’ needs. This customer experience automation is a must-have in your cx platform.

Analytics And Reporting

Almost all cx platforms will incorporate some level of analytics and reporting on key performance indicators. Some of the most valuable metrics that should be tracked include a customer satisfaction score, churn rate, and more. These valuable cx KPIs are critical in providing a positive customer experience.

Omni-Channel Integration Through Your CX Automation Platform

Utilizing omni-channel integration in customer experience automation will ensure a consistent experience from customer to customer, which as we mentioned earlier in this post, is critical to maintaining a positive reputation. Nothing is worse than a bad customer experience, where customers get different answers to the same question, take to social media, and question whether or not your business is competent. 

With omni-channel integration, you can ensure that your messaging is the same, whether a customer sees you in person, calls your business, uses your app, visits your website, or engages with you on social media.


Who To Contact For Implementation Of Customer Experience Automation Into Your Business

Ready to take advantage of customer experience automation? Credence Global Solutions is here to help you implement the right cx platform for your business and help you better serve your customers to create a better overall experience. As experts in the customer experience automation field, we know how to give your business the tools (and technology) it needs to provide better customer experiences and improve operational efficiency.


Let’s get started on creating a cx automation plan for your business today. Speak to a customer experience automation expert to learn more.