Your customers’ experiences can be the sole reason why your business is not performing at its peak. By prioritizing CX as a core business strategy, your organization can stay ahead of the competition by empowering brand loyalists and advocating for your target audience. Many companies are still underestimating the power of their CX solutions because it can be daunting to know where to begin.

Negative Effects of Poor CX

Just how much does your CX influence your company’s reputation and revenue? When customers are unhappy with their experience, not only are they less likely to continue doing business with you, but they may spread bad publicity about your company as well. In fact, the average person tells about 15 people their negative experiences with a company. In today’s world of social media and fast knowledge, negative reviews can take a toll on the name of a business.

While a bad reputation is damaging enough, the loss of revenue digs the knife a bit deeper. Bad CX can cause businesses to lose millions of dollars a year, even after just one bad experience. When customers are researching brands to use, the first thing they do is read the reviews. If the reviews paint your organization in a negative light, especially on the CX side of things, you could potentially lose out on thousands of clients.

How to Take Control of Your CX

If you are struggling to get your reputation back and take control of your company’s publicity, there is hope! To reverse negative customer experiences and turn them into positive moments for your brand, you must have a system in place that helps to identify when and where a negative experience occurs. Even just one bad experience can change your company’s reputation so it is important to rectify these situations as early and as quickly as possible.

By collecting customer feedback, responding and apologizing to poor experiences in a timely manner, and ensuring customer issues are being escalated when necessary, your customers will feel more listened to. When customers recognize that they are cared for by a business, they relate more to them and look to continue with the brand.
At the end of the day, each experience matters to your customer base. Whether it is a simple phone call, email, or navigation of your site, you want to be sure you are providing them with ease of use and top-notch customer service.

How to Get Started

So you have recognized that your business may need some help in getting your CX up and running to its fullest potential. Where do you begin? Here at Credence Global Solutions, we are ready to take on this task and provide your company with our team of dedicated professionals. With our knowledge, experience, and diverse backgrounds, you and your team can be sure you are getting the best service for your company. Contact us today to learn more!