Most industries, such as the media and entertainment sectors, are more familiar with utilizing technology-driven processes for their business operations. However, this doesn’t discount the fact that human resources are still the main force behind growth!

Although establishments are adapting to digital, requiring skilled personnel is still what drives a company to success. If you don’t want your business to become irrelevant, you should keep tabs on modern workplaces’ evolving needs.

Accommodating the Needs of the Modern Workforce

More than your internal processes in production and management, your HR also needs to look for applicants that can reinforce your customer service needs. Like any industry, the media and entertainment sector faces its own set of challenges in maintaining investors and client pools.

For this reason, outsourcing customer service is becoming a more viable option to match the influx of daily customer queries. However, just having an additional layer of defense to handle customer concerns isn’t enough to stay competitive in today’s media and entertainment industry.

Here are three challenges that you’ll face in acquiring and retaining your customer service personnel:

1. Maintaining a Balance Between Automation and Headcount

The competition to get highly-skilled employees applies to different positions, most primarily for SME companies. However, relying on automated software management systems does have its limitations. If you rely too heavily on automation and drastically reduce your headcount, your high-performing employees may face the brunt of heavy workloads.

It’s best to curate a healthy work environment that will match the development of both personnel and automated systems. Your workplace processes should enable your employees to stick to areas that they are passionate about. This is why outsourcing services to handle that arm can help streamline the process and avoid overloading your current employees.

2. Strict Workplace Conditions

Changing workplace formats is never easy, regardless of what industry you’re in. Media enterprises need to adapt to cloud-based interfaces unless they want to end up like the next Blockbuster!

Part of moving to digital spaces is the adaptation of traditional workplace dynamics. Unfortunately, the old tradition of nine to five office hours is not appealing to Millennials and Gen Z job applicants.

The new generation prioritizes their personal growth and a sense of purpose, which requires the flexibility of work hours. You shouldn’t let these preferences in work conditions prevent you from finding the ideal candidate. Remember to value your personnel on what they can add to your company and be open to negotiating traditional norms in running your operation.

By taking on an outsourced customer service solution to supplement your operations, you can provide that slight leeway with scheduling—thus promoting a better environment for all your current employees!

3. Employees Having More Negotiating Power

Since there are numerous opportunities available through remote work, employees you’ll recruit will need to assess your value for them as well. This trend is a clear shift in job applicants having more power in contract negotiations.

Companies must learn to adapt to this norm by being more open to workforce demands. The initial relationship you build with your staff will be a determining factor in their length of stay with your company.

Seek Out Outsourced Service Solutions

Customer service experience plays a considerable role in maintaining lasting relationships with clients and business partners. This is why it’s crucial to invest in an outsourced service solution to help handle the workload!

Credence Global Solutions

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