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CGS Technology drives efficiency, quality and positive financial outcomes for robust operations seeking to increase review, compliance and outreach through intuitive automation. By analyzing engagement and feedback, measuring costs and results, calibrating the linkage between effort, success, outliers and key point indicators, our web-enabled platforms continuously track and report your attainment to goals while also capturing exceptions and escalations and identifying best practices.

We integrate and leverage information science to create cloud-based products and apps that optimize work flows and monetize the effectiveness of business intelligence logically applied. Our technology-driven enterprise solutions support diverse industries including healthcare, telecom, media and entertainment and the professionals and specialists who deliver services in those verticals. We provide complex functionality, present it esthetically and enable your data to be accessed from your finger tips. Best of all, we transform and empower your relationships with customers, patients, clients and vendors – any authorized party in your supply chain or revenue cycle. CGS Technology also provides options to communicate proactively, securely and compliantly within our platforms – by phone, SMS, chat and email features.

Information is Often your Most Precious Asset

If it’s not in your hand, on the web or instantly available for analytics, strategy, integration or customer feedback – your data isn’t mobile, agile or readily deployable to solve critical challenges. Every organization needs to harvest information to survive in the electronic marketplace. To prevail and thrive in a competitive environment, CGS provides Enterprise Solutions uniquely configured and branded for your company. These are some of our platforms and applications:

iConnect For Healthcare

iConnect for Healthcare is a patient engagement platform that cost-effectively improves patient collections and assists with questions related to services and orders. The platform delivers estimates, statements to patients across multiple channels based on the patient profile, make it easy for patients to pay, understand details of their statement, and get responses to their questions. A configurable work flow engine enables enrichment of the inventory and identify patients that require an outbound call from an agent.

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CashIn is an intelligently designed, intuitive dashboard built for Healthcare Providers to not just provide visibility on the revenue cycle. Even more powerful, it provides actionable insights to improve cash across different opportunity streams such as Patient payments, Insurance payments, Revenue leakage, Operational Efficiency, Coding and documentation.

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ChargeDESK is designed to automate charge entry especially when the interface between the EHR and EPM systems are not functioning. This technology reduced revenue leakages, shortens billing cycle, and improves the efficiency of the RCM organization. ChargeDESK has a documentation management and workflow system to manage the high volume of the documents. The application uses advanced OCR technology with natural language programming and machine learning to intelligently improve constantly.

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Pre-Connect is our Patient Responsibility Estimator, provides patients and the providers with an estimate of the patient responsibility prior to receiving care. Pre-Connect integrates with scheduling and Practice Management Systems in place. With Pre-Connect, cost estimate results are available in near real time for 80% of the scenarios. Based on practice policy a part of the estimate may be collected prior to the visit or at at check-in/checkout.

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ADAM (Account Distribution and Agency Management)

The information age demands new tools and solutions. Everything you do can be distilled and improved, driven or directed, even distributed and monetized by data science. The most important element of engagement is sending work to those who’ve earned it. Based on verified performance, compliance and established contractual and performance standards.

ADAM is our inventory management hosted enterprise platform, which transforms billions of bytes, trillions of transactions to their core, discernable and stratifiable elements. Further, it determines which vendors can best achieve optimal results based on BI and your inputs, then tracks progress, revenue and will recall and resend accounts to other vendors who may be more successful. Resulting in an increase of Revenues!

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CARMA (Compliance and Risk Management Auditor)

We were tasked with analyzing millions of customer encounters and determining what worked best. Which strategies, policies, standards and operational practices generated optimal results. What could be done to keep performance on track and verifiable while keeping phones, emails, messages, addresses and live voice contacts identifiable and accurate.

CARMA is the application we developed to exponentially increase compliance and liquidity. The platform extracts terabytes of information. Identifies how vendor performance complies with contract and regulatory standards. In addition, CARMA spotlights risk, remedies and loss prevention methods to keep your operations efficient and profitable. Then seamlessly transfers data to our ADAM platform for distribution, tracking and enhancement. So you have an engine to maintain accuracy and enhance productivity.

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iConnect is a Multi-Channel Consumer Financial Engagement platform that serves as a secure, one-stop communication tool for consumers with past due debt collections accounts. iConnect is an easy to use application that is an extension of customer service & experience initiatives as well as enables consumers to receive account updates and notifications and to initiate voice, chat, and email conversations with the customer service department of the agency handling the account.

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