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Customer Service Expertise

Our team’s deep domain expertise paired with our portfolio of cutting edge BPO Services & technology solutions has created revolutionary financial results for Telecommunications & Utilities Providers and is an invaluable service for our clients.

We utilize a consultative approach to address each unique client scenario in order to implement the best blend of our services and solutions to achieve increased revenue generation, maximize recoveries, and provide technology platforms that are efficient & effective company-wide.

Our Call Center Services Team is powered by our own platforms dedicated to addressing the intricacies of the industry and fueled by Customer Service Experts with deep domain knowledge who take pride in delivering exemplary results for our clients while being sensitive to the customer service experience they provide – safeguarding your reputation and ours.

Our Service & Technology Solutions

  • Customer Experience Solutions
    • Voice
    • Email
    • Text
    • Chat
  • Customer Service Solutions
    • Inbound/Outbound Customer Service
    • Retention/Loyality Service
    • Speciality Queue Service
    • Disconnect Service
    • Overflow Call Service
  • PreChargeoff Receivables Management
    • Churn Management
    • Early Out Cash Acceleration
  • Post Charge Off Recoveries
    • Amnesty
    • Primary – Quatanary
    • Warehouse
  • Agency Network Management Systems Adam
  • Back Office Services & Solutions
    • Compliance & Risk Management Auditor Carma
    • Correspondence Management Carma
    • Delinquency Management Adam
    • Dispute Management Carma
    • Document Management Carma
    • Fraud Management Solutions Carma
  • Call Center Services
    • Inbound
    • Outbound
    • Overflow
  • Consulting Services
    • Performance Enhancement
    • Risk Management
    • Business Analytics & Optimization
  • Finance and Accounting Functions
    • Trust Management
    • Financial Books Management
    • Lockbox Management
  • Managed Services Oganizations (MSO) Adam

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