If customer experience, or CX, isn’t at the top of your list as an executive this year, you’ll be missing out on what many other organizations have made a major priority. Catching the attention of customers and retaining their loyalty is more important than ever. With this list of trends curated by our CX team at Credence Global Solutions, implement strategies in your customer experience that will consider the needs of your user base and cater to them effectively.

1. Personalize the CX

Creating a unique and personal customer support experience to the needs of each user can take CX to the next level. When customers feel as if their needs have been anticipated and sufficiently resolved, you’ll see greater satisfaction from their usage. Utilizing captured data and insights can help craft operable and engaging experiences.

2. Make Mobile Convenient

An inconvenient mobile experience has irreparable effects on the massive amount of customers that shop directly from their phones. If your mobile site is not optimized, easily navigable, or fast, there is no doubt that your online audience is being affected negatively. A satisfied user with a positive customer experience on the other hand, is one who will be more engaged and open to transactions or inquiries.

3. Enhance the “Luck”

“Finding” a product can be a very rewarding experience for a consumer and is one that is often overlooked by organizations. For decades it has been the marketer’s job to make it easier for customers to find products and services they need. The lucky chance of discovering a product or service has been practically erased with data-driven marketing principles. While there isn’t anything inherently wrong with this allocation of resources, the magic of unique CX discoveries has become outdated in many ways. Promoting suggestions that are relevant in some ways, but not laser-focused on the customer’s needs is a good solution. Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing a new snack near the register.

4. Create problem-solving partners rather than customers

Many customers are self-motivated to solve their own needs. A unique CX is able to facilitate the “partnership” of problem-solving rather than the traditional customer transaction experience. A helpful way to implement this is creating reference resources, access to automated chatbots, (the ones that exist primarily to aid customers in the decision-making process) and 24/7 availability to customer service agents are all large expectations of customers now. Customers expect to have access to aid and assistance at any time, and they expect this quickly.

5. Appreciate your customers

A great CX translates into brand loyalty. Increasing retention and decreasing the churn is possible through offering special deals after a customer support interaction using loyalty programs. A satisfied customer is a customer who will buy again. Find unique ways to reward your customers moving through your customer support experience successfully.

How Credence Global Solutions can help

When your business chooses Credence Global Solutions you make your customer experience a priority. Higher levels of customer satisfaction are shown to increase profit rates significantly. Take advantage of these trends and elevate your CX by trusting Credence Global Solutions today! Find more about how we can help with your Customer Experience.