For years, laboratories have tried to solve the issue of meeting patients’ needs while also combatting the shortage of qualified lab workers. COVID-19 has only exacerbated the ongoing need for more staff in healthcare labs. Even before the pandemic, labs were already experiencing shortages and lack of quality staff which led to work backlogs.

As day-to-day operations continue to be delayed, many facilities are looking for ways to combat staff reductions and budget cuts. Luckily, lab automation can allow healthcare facilities to get back on track and create more efficient processes to then focus their efforts on patient care and growth.

Burnout and Need for Automation

Infectious disease testing labs have faced a tremendous workload over the past few years so it is not surprising that lab workers are feeling burnt out and are leaving their jobs. These resignations have been brought on by increased workload, decreased funding, and decreased staffing, causing employees to take on more than their fair share of the work.

If your lab has a shortage of workers, there may be a need for lab automation to lessen the workload and increase efficiency.

Benefits of Lab Automation

Automation not only allows labs to reduce or even eliminate data entry positions, but it can also normalize inbound and outbound data, liberating labs from having to either hire data entry employees or reallocate data entry and other responsibilities to small and overworked staff that are already facing the brunt of manual jobs. The benefits of lab automation also affects medical billing as better data quality control at the front end of the process means less denials and complications occurring from duplicate patient records, incorrect contact information, and other manual errors. This results in a more reliable and predictable revenue cycle. 

There is a lot of repetitive and routine work done in labs. But these labs are also in charge of every day test results in which life-and-death decisions are based.These situations require quick turnaround times to ensure their patients are receiving the quality of care that is expected of their providers.. 

Types of Lab Automation

As technology develops and adapts to the growing needs of the world, laboratory staffing needs may also change. With newer technology available to take over administrative tasks and create more efficient procedures to help the overall wellbeing of the lab. 

One option that has made a world of difference for laboratories is iConnect, a financial patient engagement platform provided by Credence Global Solutions. This platform gives patients the access to a personalized self-service platform which in turn significantly benefits your revenue cycle management. It takes away many of the manual tasks associated with RCM and allows your patients to build connections with their providers, simplifies medical billing and automates AR to maximize cash revenue for providers.

Credence Global Solutions

If you are experiencing issues with laboratory shortages or are just looking to up the ante on your day-to-day practices, Credence Global Solutions is here to help. Our team of qualified experts are available to set you up with the most up to date technology to give your patients the highest quality of care that they deserve. To learn more about iConnect, or other services that we offer, contact us today!