There are many types of business process management tools and as the global market increases in size, outsourcing of these services is expanding. Because outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution to fill gaps in your organization, it allows you more time to focus on other matters like the expansion of your organization. Your employees also benefit from outsourcing as mundane, time-consuming tasks are taken off of their plate, allowing them to provide better service to your customers. 

By understanding the types of business process outsourcing models available, you can identify which process is right for you.

Front-Office BPO

Front-office refers to services that are customer facing, such as tech support, customer service, sales and marketing. Because of the technical knowledge requirements of these services, they are frequently outsourced, as they can be handled off-site. Businesses can benefit from outsourcing these services by bringing on talent with unique knowledge catered to their business. Because there is no need for building infrastructure with in-house teams, there is a reduction in cost for your organization. 

Back-Office BPO

Back-office BPO refers to the services that can be accomplished without any customer interaction. Because they don’t involve anyone outside of the organization, they can be achieved from anywhere and do not require physical offices on-site. 

Services in the back-office arena consist of bookkeeping, accounting, compliance and data management. By outsourcing these services, your organization can focus on the core business activities and revenue-generating tasks.

Offshore BPO

There are a few different categories of BPO that directly correlate to the location of your team. Offshore outsourcing is very popular with businesses as they benefit from lower labor costs and tax rates. 

There are many qualified professionals that reside in various countries apart from the US that can provide high quality services at a lower rate.  These professionals may reside anywhere in the world, but are often in third-world countries.

Nearshore BPO

Often businesses are in need of services that can be performed within the same time-zone and in the same language as the organization. Nearshore means that the operations are going to be performed in areas with common borders as the businesses that are utilizing them. 

This type of BPO can help you obtain qualified resources at lower rates than may exist in your region. Because these teams share the same time-zone and language, your organization may benefit from improved collaboration amongst all teams.

Onshore BPO

Onshore BPO refers to the contracting of operations that are present within boundaries of the organization’s country. Services are contracted to businesses in another city, state, or province as the organization they are servicing. 

Choosing this type of BPO can depend on a few factors, such as specialized skills in certain areas, or local differences in rates and costs.

Choosing the Right Vendor – Outsourcing with Credence

Choosing to outsource services in your business can seem like a scary task, so it is important to choose a vendor that has your best interests at heart. At Credence Global Solutions, we are your premier partner in BPO. 

Powered by a highly trained team of experts, our BPO can help your business focus more on what matters to you. Whether that is core business goals, growth, or customer engagement, our team works with you to develop a customized system completely tailored to you. Interested in learning more? Contact Credence Global Solutions today!