With the state of the current market, it’s essential to listen and respond to customer feedback. When you prioritize customer satisfaction, you’re laying the foundations for customer loyalty. This is obviously the end goal of all CX programs. However, the largest question yet to be asked is should you use in-house or outsourced customer experience programs? The team at Credence Global Solutions has assembled reasons to outsource your customer experience. Customer experience solutions are our specialty. 


1. Knowledge of Best Practices and Expertise


It doesn’t matter whether you have an in-house or external customer experience team. What matters more is the efficiency and success of your program. It’s typically a smoother experience to defer to the experts, than the headaches associated with getting a new program off the ground. Outsourcing to our expert team at Credence Global Solutions gives you access to the best knowledge and CX strategies to set your organization up for repeatable success. 


2. Advanced Technological Insights


In the long term, it’s plain to see that increasing your customer satisfaction score has a beneficial effect on your bottom line. Devising strategies that directly impact your revenue with in-house operators is difficult to manage, and is sometimes impossible for most organizations. Long waiting times to get customer reports can have a drastic effect on the satisfaction of your customers. To prevent this, Credence Global Solutions utilizes machine learning and AI to automatically notify our clients if their customers are angry. 


3. It’s Cheaper!


Measuring customer experience is not a one-time exercise. To truly be on top of things, it’s vital to measure CX every day and follow all transactions. Monitoring customer experience continuously to know if your customers are moving to be churned. The physical labor required is more expensive to utilize with an in-house department. In the long run, it’s immensely cheaper to utilize efficient and effective outsourced customer experience solutions. 


4. There’s More to CX Than Customer Data


What most people fail to remember is that the true purpose of a CX program is not to collect customer data and satisfaction scores. What matters more, is what you’re empowered to do with access to this data. The main objective of our customer experience solutions is to gauge the voice of your customers and find actionable insights that you can use in your informed decision-making processes. Feedback and information are always beneficial. 


5. Accuracy and Speed


If you chose to implement an in-house program, you will more than likely be subject to the implementation and learning curve difficulties of creating a new team. When you outsource to practiced, verifiable, professionals like Credence Global Solutions you can trust that your customer service is taken care of. Efficiency and effectiveness are always at the top of our priority lists. 




Keep in mind, these are the tips we believe every organization looking to upgrade their CX should take. When you organize a meeting with Credence Global Solutions, you’re unlocking the combined experience of a whole team of professionals. Contact us today to take your customer service to the next level!