The customer experience has evolved drastically over the last decade. Gone are the days when a plethora of ads are the main form of potential customer targeting and now is the era of social media influencers and customer loyalty. 


Convenience is Loyalty


In the modern world, a consistent and engaging customer experience (“CX”) is what consumers are looking for. They want brands they can trust that are easier to connect with and contact. In the digital age, consumers are able to research brands and become influenced at every moment of the day, which can also change on a whim if brands are not meeting the needs of the modern CX.

Fast, easy, and fun are the main characteristics that can set us apart from the competition. Because their world is literally in the palms of their hands, consumers are in charge of how, when, and where they interact with brands. Convenience has morphed into the basis of loyalty for most consumers. 


Personal Treatment and Community


Consumers are often drawn to brands that make them feel unique and a part of a special community. Being able to interact with the brand and other consumers of the brand can make a big difference. If their favorite influencer endorses a brand, consumers are likely to purchase the product being promoted because they trust where the information is coming from. Recommendations carry a lot of weight with the modern customer. Trust is becoming just as important of a currency as money.  




It is important for consumers to feel as though they are buying from a “cool” company, that is well known and readily accessible. Being a part of the newest and greatest companies promotes individuality, which is something a lot of consumers are focused on. Loyal brand users line up the day before a product release just to ensure they are the first group to obtain this new product. By creating this sense of hype and innovation, companies are likely to thrive in this new age of consumers.

Not only is the product important, but also the vision of the company. Consumers are drawn toward companies that they feel will change the modern world. For example, companies like Tesla, are not only car companies, but contribute to issues like global warming and the energy crisis. This can be a major selling point, especially to younger generations who are taking up the majority of modern consumers.


Customer Experience with Credence Global Solutions


At Credence Global Solutions, we know that customer experience can make all the difference to the population at hand. It is a time-consuming, yet imperative aspect of any marketing strategy and we are here to help your brand every step of the way. When you work with Credence Global Solutions, we can upgrade your CX with our team of seasoned professionals who are ready to help you transform and empower your brand. Contact us today to learn more about the variety of services we offer and allow us to deliver excellence to your team.