The healthcare revenue cycle remains extremely complex, obtuse, and inefficient. Improving transparency and efficiency is a huge motivator for many practices and hospitals looking to increase their customer and patient satisfaction. These challenges represent new frontiers and opportunities for all types of practitioners. Finally, it’s possible to address patient concerns and ensure a more reliable stream of revenue. 

Credence Global Solution’s iConnect Patient Engagement Portal gives a huge advantage to your accounting department. By increasing the speed and efficiency of your revenue cycle, putting options into provider and patient hands simultaneously allows for a massive increase in user satisfaction, both at the provider, and patient levels.

Transformational Challenges in the Industry

Thanks to technology, the pandemic, and other massive shifts in our society, nearly every industry is reconsidering the way that payments occur. The Healthcare industry faces a larger challenge than most. On January 1st, 2021 the Price Transparency Rule passed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services came into effect. There are currently federally increased penalties for those that fail to comply with transparency requirements. Medical claims and reimbursements often take weeks if not months. This situation provides an opportunity for transformative growth. 

iConnect is the Answer

The push for transparency in billing is essential in creating an environment that accurately services patients. iConnect allows patients to choose from client-approved payment methods and models. The creation of a unique and satisfactory customer experience will quite literally revolutionize the way your patients view customer service. Our patient portal is simple to use and provides enhanced analytics for efficient revenue cycle management. 

Patient Engagement Means More Efficiency

iConnect provides a financial patient engagement platform to instantly connect with patients on their terms and maximize cash influx. The smart features provided give patients a personalized self-service platform to read, review, and pay their bills with flexibility and confidence. iConnect was developed for Healthcare companies that want to implement a patient-focused payment opportunity. Enhanced communication and faster resolution times reduce payment gaps. 

Statistical Insights Have Never Been Easier 

The analytics provided by our system provides real-time insights and customized reports so our clients can appropriately track their revenue cycle. Determining the most effective channels provides insights that providers are missing, allowing them to get the accurate and high-grade data they need to aid in their decisions. 

Our customers experience a system that for years has been inefficient and hard to manage. By removing the tedious parts of your business processes, we can make it easier for you to practice your passion, and treat people who need help. With Credence Global Solutions your workflows are enhanced, and the tedious parts are taken care of. Contact us today!