Outsourcing can open up a wealth of opportunities to more efficiently run your business. BPO partners are there to provide insight into the different strategies that will work best for you and your business.

There are two main models that businesses move to when outsourcing their business; Shared Teams and Dedicated Services. Certain factors like cost, performance, and workload are important aspects to consider before choosing a model for your business.


Shared Teams


The Shared Teams model is often on a part-time basis, where clients pay an hourly rate for their outsourced agents. This is ideal for clients who are looking for a lesser workload to be covered, such as fielding calls in the contact center. This model offers speed and agility when completing a specific task and contracts can be easily terminated when the task has been completed.

There is less involvement in the day-to-day operations of the company when using shared services and these contracts are common during peak months throughout the year when extra hands are needed. Because of this, there is limited interaction between clients and shared teams, as multiple resources are being utilized at one time for many clients.

Because shared teams have access to multiple client databases, there are risks to be considered, such as viruses, breaches, and other cyber attacks. If high volume, quick, and efficient work is required for your business over a short period of time, shared teams may be right for you.


Dedicated Teams


Dedicated teams differ from Shared Teams as they are full-time back-office support for your company, contracted through a third party. They are trained, involved, and socialized to become an extension of your business. 

This model is ideal for businesses with a larger volume of work that requires deeper knowledge of certain functions. As the volume of the workload changes throughout periods of the year, dedicated teams are able to adapt and provide service based on the changing needs of the company. 

Dedicated teams work to mirror your internal workforce when performing operational tasks and have a much deeper level of involvement than shared teams. Because they become an extension of in-house operations, clients are able to exercise more managerial control over training and work execution. These teams have access to only one client database so it is a much more secure route to take when security is a concern. If a personalized, knowledgeable and adaptable extension of your business is what you are looking for, dedicated teams may be right for you.


Choosing the Right BPO Model for Your Business


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