Do your patients trust you? The key to any relationship is trust. In healthcare, patients are likely to choose the provider with whom they feel safe and have built trust. Is your data secure, consistent, and accurate? Data integrity, transparency in billing details, and open communication are imperative pieces to cultivating trust within your organization and with your patients.

Data Integrity

Patient communication has changed drastically in the past decade. It is increasingly common to be able to pull your chart up from your living room once you have left the doctor’s office. However, what is the point of this technology if that data is not accurate and undisturbed? Without secure data, customers lose faith in the provider they are working with, as they cannot be sure they are protected. The best providers use every tool at their disposal to ensure that they are providing secure servers to protect their patient’s data.

Technological Divide

Technology can be mistrusted by members of the older and underprivileged populations and overcoming the traditionalist mindset is a challenge many face, especially in the healthcare industry. Patients are looking to understand how their data is collected and that it is kept safe, which can be difficult to convey to older generations. By building trust among that population, their quality of care can be increased, as healthcare can evolve into at-home care.

As digital literacy is improved among populations that are currently less familiar, they begin to learn which sources can be trusted and how to use the technology in front of them. As this develops, patient care improves by creating personalized and efficient care plans ready to review from anywhere in the world.

Transparency in Healthcare

In the healthcare world, transparency with your patients is imperative. Not only do patients want to be sure they are getting proper information and how it is collected, but knowing the cost of their care allows them to be better prepared for what is next. iConnect, a patient engagement platform, provides patients with a seamless experience to view and pay their bills in one place. When a customer is prepared for the cost and the claims process, it often motivates them to pay in a more timely fashion. Because iConnect gets to know the patient on a personalized level, it alleviates the inconvenience of having to enter their personal data and payment information to make a payment.

Patients will also benefit from being able to reach their physician outside of the exam room. Telehealth allows patients to receive care right from their homes or anywhere in the world. This develops more trust as patients feel as though their healthcare providers are with them at all times, and not just another number in an office.

iConnect from Credence Global Solutions

Credence Global Solutions is proud to offer iConnect, a financial patient engagement platform with intelligent AR workflow to instantly connect with patients on their terms and maximize cash to help your business provide more transparency and build trust with your patients. iConnect customer service and smart features provide patients a personalized, self-service platform to read, review and pay their bills with the flexibility to choose and select their finance plans.

Not only does iConnect benefit the patients, but it also allows the providers to pull reports, track revenue cycles, and collect information on treatment plans and how they are working. To learn more about how Credence Global Solutions and iConnect can help your business and patients, contact us today.