For your medical practice to achieve success, you must have a proper billing process set in place. There are many behind-the-scenes pieces to the medical billing process that greatly affect the entirety of your organization’s revenue cycle. Without payments being made, cash flow becomes obstructed, affecting staff, providers, and even patients. As with any process, there are challenges that arise in healthcare organizations that can make it increasingly difficult to have a seamless billing process. As software, procedures, and diagnoses become more complex over the years, it is important to have a good medical billing team and software that you can trust.


As with most things, communication is key. When it comes to your billing department, it is important that they are in constant contact with vendors, insurance companies, and especially patients. Nowadays, sending a bill and expecting a payment may not be enough to collect the money that is owed to your company. Patients aren’t always as on top of payments as healthcare organizations need them to be and may need reminders to pay their bill. These follow-ups are required so it is important to have a proper procedure.

Successful follow-ups can help your company tremendously by maintaining a steady flow of revenue which can help your practice recover from any overdue payment that may occur. By avoiding missing claims and staying on top of balances, you can minimize the time that your accounts remain outstanding.

Patient Information Accuracy

The first step of the billing process begins with accurate information. By gathering all of your patient information up front, you are setting your practice up for success by avoiding mistakes along the way, such as denied claims due to incorrect patient information, errors in coding, or incorrect insurance information.

Having a team you can count on that is meticulous, organized and thorough, can help you make the most out of your medical billing process. Technology that collects patient information has become the norm with medical groups as it helps to avoid discrepancies due to poor penmanship or misplaced files. All of your patient information is available in one safe place, or easily accessible in the cloud, which saves time and energy for your staff, ultimately providing your patients with better care.

Transparency and Patient Engagement

Patients want to know how much their procedures are going to cost. This type of transparency improves your customer service and influences your patients’ loyalty. With patient engagement platforms like iConnect, you can go a step further. Patients can view their claims and submit payments all in one convenient place.

Patient-first platforms like this allow the freedom for patients to choose how they’ll pay and lets them choose their preferred channels to reach out for support. With real-time insights, you are sure to improve your patient satisfaction.

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