There is no better opportunity to demonstrate your practice’s best efficiencies and services than with new patients. While this is most easily accomplished with newborns, adding a new patient who isn’t a newborn requires taking in an existing medical history in order to administer appropriate care. The medical billing team will need precise and correct information about a new patient’s insurance and demographics. A new patient will need up-to-date service information about how your office handles prescription refills, for example. For the purposes of RCM and cash flow integration, there exists a simple solution.

With Credence Global Solutions, there is no better opportunity to harness the full potential of our iConnect patient portal. We’re at our best when engaging your new patients and can easily integrate them into your system of billing. iConnect also allows providers with analytic tools built for your accessibility. From check-in to check out, Credence Global Solutions’ iConnect patient portal is the most engaging for patients, and the best solution for providers.

Initial Patient Integration Advantages

If a patient does arrange for medical records to be forwarded to your office, there still exists a need to collect extensive patient information for diagnostic and medical billing purposes. When the option is present for the patient to complete their information online through a patient portal, there are many advantages. It’s faster and it requires a negligible amount of time on the part of office staff to transfer this information into your system. In fact, many patients experience less anxiety about providing accurate information online than on pen and paper. Moreover, your staff won’t have to decipher illegible handwriting. iConnect allows for accurate billing information to be inputted in a pain-free and patient-focused manner.

Clarity About Your Practice’s Policies

It is always crucial to ensure strong communication with any patient. With new patients, they bring their own expectations about how prescriptions get refilled and what is required whenever acute care is needed. Providing patients comprehensive information about written policies both online and by hard copy can aid inefficient communication. Clarity about financial information is a necessity when it comes to communicating your medical billing operation expectations. If a patient is unaware of your policies or management, you can often expect complications when it comes to reimbursement.

Efficiencies in Practice Management

Assessing the patient’s feedback with non-clinical operations is a huge advantage when it comes to our proprietary system. When aspects of initial patient experiences are hindered by inefficiencies with the initial onboarding and integration process, patient satisfaction suffers. With the choices that iConnect can provide to enhance patient engagement and satisfaction, you can rest easy and focus on the most important aspects of your practice. Whenever there is a new appointment, or a patient arrives for services, there exists an opportunity to demonstrate the crucial aspects of your office practices. Demonstrating empathy, efficiency, and expertise is what matters to patients most.

Our Patient Engagement Advantage

Credence Global Solutions is an industry leader in removing the inefficiencies in your practice, while also elevating your patient’s experiences. Cash flow systems are handled in a meaningful and engaging way with the iConnect patient portal, and your medical billing team has access to many data inquiry tools. In order to request a demo of our services, contact Credence Global Solutions today!