It is undeniable that artificial intelligence is the future of technology. For healthcare organizations, AI utilization is becoming more and more prominent. 


Ease of Use


When it comes to technology, most people associate it with simplicity. Mobile apps, easy-to-use websites, and customer-friendly links are what customers are looking for. By automating systems and implementing artificial intelligence, your customers’ experience will benefit. Being able to connect with your provider, view test results, and make appointments at the touch of a button is the future of healthcare and is rapidly becoming the norm.


Intuitive and Personalized Healthcare


Many software utilized by healthcare organizations collect data on all their patients. AI in healthcare helps to further this personalization by predicting trends from family history and previous diagnoses. Genetic testing has transformed the healthcare industry as prices have decreased and quality has increased. Tests like 23andMe and EverlyWell allow for patients to easily view data on certain health conditions and food sensitivities that may affect their long term.


Wearable Devices


Devices such as the Apple Watch and Fitbit have been popular for a while now. However, the technology utilized is becoming more and more intuitive and has even helped to save lives. With ECG and heart monitoring, wearable devices have helped to detect abnormalities in heart rhythm as it gets to know your body. There are even some devices that have been able to detect early signs of Covid-19. It should come as no surprise that these technologies will only advance, becoming of key importance to personal health.


Virtual Healthcare


Since the pandemic, telehealth has become increasingly popular. Being able to receive medical care from the comfort of your own home is now a norm. This is because patients are able to receive more efficient and hygienic treatment, which improves the patient experience. 

Mental health is also taking a front seat in the form of virtual care. Sites like BetterHelp allow patients to receive therapy sessions online and sometimes without even speaking to someone face to face. As companies like this evolve, healthcare organizations should look into adopting these practices.


Security and Safety Concerns


The digital collection of highly confidential information can cause concerns among patients when it comes to security. Organizations are combated with the challenge of ensuring their patient information is kept private and safe.

When it comes to paying for services online, there can also be some apprehension. At Credence Global Solutions, we offer iConnect, a Patient Engagement Platform with automation and an intelligent AR workflow to ensure your patient’s data is kept safe and personalized for ease of use. We are here to transform the way your patients view AI in healthcare. To learn more about Credence Global Solutions and the way iConnect can benefit your organization, contact us today.