For many years healthcare policymakers advocated the goal of transitioning paper medical records into the digital age. After the 2008 recession, $19 billion was put into the recovery package to incentivize doctors and hospitals into installing and using electronic health records. 

The technological sector is pursuing the opportunity in an unprecedented way. 

Benefits of a Digital Payment Portal

To supporters of the idea, electronic health records are modern tools to improve care, optimize the practice, and curb costs. These records hold a patient’s health history, medications, lab tests, and when connected to databases, treatment guidelines. Using a financial engagement platform, it’s easier than ever for individuals to even pay their bills online. This aids fantastically with practices and their revenue cycle management, not to mention including provider support. Benefits also include fewer redundant tests, reduced medical errors, and better care so patients are less likely to require expensive treatments in hospitals. 

Risks of Going Digital on your Own

Doctors in smaller offices occasionally have not moved to digital due to the belief that today’s technology is too expensive and too difficult to navigate. Faster networks, improved wireless connections, and more affordable computers make the shift to digital records less cumbersome for those that are wary. 

There are potential risks for physicians as they make computer hardware and software investments and still lack results. This is normally due to a lack of training and inefficiencies in the software/hardware. This can result in upset doctors, disrupted care for patients, and wasted dollars. For doctors who need help to manage the process, Credence Global Solutions and their team of experts are here to help. More importantly, this technology emphasizes the value of alerts and reminders for patient care. It automates the location and tracking of lab tests and prescriptions. It saves time, paperwork, and helps doctors optimize their practices. Most billing timelines and deadlines can be difficult to control and manage. When practices need to focus on patient care, Credence Global solutions can deliver the efficiency to navigate the intricacies and challenges faced by today’s healthcare organizations. We help with practicing optimization, revenue cycle management, post-write-off services, and provider support. 

Credence Global Solutions can Seamlessly Digitize your Company

Credence Global Solutions services our customers by inspecting and upgrading all aspects of the revenue cycle, reducing the cost to collect, and mitigating compliance risks. Credence Global Solutions has managed over $100 Billion in assets and has had 50+ Million monthly customer interactions. We hold over 200 years of industry knowledge, leverage 150+ client portfolios, and have 10 locations worldwide. It’s what we do best!  Revenue cycle management is difficult to navigate for practices that are heavily involved in patient care. When partnering with Credence Global Solutions, you can worry about what you do best while we expand profits.