The word “regulations” has the capacity to send a chill down your spine and a sense of dread overcoming your whole mood. Unfortunately, regulations in the laboratory industry are something you will always have to deal with and there is no way around it. 

It is important to stay up to date with the ever-changing regulations especially in the world of health care and laboratory companies. Nonetheless, regulations are put in place to guarantee accuracy and safety are provided to both the patients and staff. However, on a positive note, regulations don’t always have to be dreaded. In fact, they can be helpful if you know how to maneuver through them.

Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA)

CLIA is legislation set in place for all laboratory testing centers to abide by and contains an amplitude of regulations and standards. The purpose of creating and setting forward CLIA was to ensure quality standards are followed for the safety and accuracy of patients and to assess, diagnose and treat diseases. Since 1988, which was when CLIA was enacted to the present day, there have been a number of changes regarding the rules and regulations for laboratories.

Why Integration is Needed to Follow Regulations

A fully integrated laboratory information system program software is essential in order to comply with all regulations and even optimize your laboratory companies’ efficiency. Combining laboratory information systems software can monitor a multitude of factors, including your billing. Billing compliance is essential. When you outsource your laboratory billing you allow the experts to handle it all and stay up to date with every regulation regarding billing. The last thing we want is for you to face fines or negative repercussions because your company was not following all laboratory billing regulations.

Our Integrative Solutions

The services we provide at Credence Global Solutions along with our technology-driven solutions are integrative to ensure results, all while staying compliant. Our experts are here to guide you through our solutions and what we offer so you can maximize revenue and stay compliant without the hassle.