Before the pandemic, labs were well equipped to handle testing that came their way, as well as any modest influx in testing demand. However, since COVID changed our world, many patients have begun to require specialized care from symptoms associated with the disease. As a result, the responsibility for testing to accurately diagnose COVID, as well as chronic COVID, has fallen on labs across the country. 

This pandemic has fueled the fire under these lab facilities to better prepare themselves for future pandemics and situations that may require such excessive testing.

Clinical Testing for Chronic COVID

When COVID first rocked the world, labs were inundated with testing to accurately diagnose the disease. Now, we are seeing cases of chronic and long-haul COVID. Lab testing is critical in diagnosing and identifying the cause of chronic COVID as well as identifying treatments that may become available. Labs are going to see an uptick in these types of tests so it is important that you are prepared.

Need for Skilled Professionals

It does not come as a surprise to most that there is a lack of workers across the country since COVID hit. Many labs are struggling to find skilled lab technicians to take on the increased workload that has affected these facilities across the country. Quality lab technicians and professionals have become extremely valuable and as facilities evolve and adapt, they become more attractive to high quality talent.

This shortage of labor needs to be addressed immediately for facilities to properly prepare for the future of their lab. 

Use of Technology and Data Automation

One of the ways to combat the influx of testing, lack of employees, and attractiveness of your facility is to utilize technology to increase efficiency and automate processes. Automated testing platforms make it easier for teams to test in larger volumes and offer service more rapidly. This automation is especially important in medical billing to prevent any human-made errors.

iConnect, a financial patient engagement platform, allows patients to access a personalized self-service platform that is a game-changer for revenue cycle management. Through this service, patients are able to build connections with their providers. Providers are then able to automate AR and maximize cash revenue which is essential to business operations. By simplifying medical billing, companies are able to direct more of their focus on patient care and lab testing. 

Cost and Providers

When it comes to healthcare, a return on investment is more than just a numbers game. Lab work impacts the healthcare industry on a much broader scale. Costs associated with lab supplies, tools and tests are not nearly as important as the effect they have on global health and economy. By understanding that aspect, labs are more able to justify the cost associated with these technologies.

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