Credence Global Solutions’ financial patient engagement platform has an intelligent AR workflow designed to instantly connect with patients on their terms and maximize the conversion of accounts receivable to income. Our ability to personalize their payment choices enhances the customer experience, which is arguably the most important part of patient engagement. By giving your patients a variety of options, we’ve found that they respond in a resounding and quantifiable output for our healthcare partners.

With iConnect, rest assured that your patients’ payments are being handled with efficiency. If you want to turn your billing processes from intimidating to personalized and interactive, Credence Global Solution’s iConnect Patient Platform is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Why Is Individualized Patient Engagement So Important?

Now more than ever, communication between provider and patient is critical to the success of healthcare organizations at large. A transparent and effective patient engagement strategy not only enhances the patient experience, but it can also help your organization maximize cash flow. In the design of the iConnect Patient Engagement Platform, Credence Global Solutions chose to enhance the patient experience to promote satisfaction and maximize the quality of patient satisfaction.

Our method allows for interactions that are also approved by healthcare providers. Due to our industry strengths in technological and statistical workflows, we make sure that as a client your confidence can increase to make informed decisions and ultimately create a positive fiscal experience with your patient’s payments. Whether it’s delivering transformative experiences, we believe that our performance-improving options are perfect for increasing your efficiency.

iConnect Customizes Patient Engagement

With the smart features provided by iConnect, keeping patients on track is now easier than ever. Intelligent workflows enable increased patient commitment with attention and intention. This process increases cash flow and CRM fulfillment while also ensuring satisfaction with users. There are three main methods of patient engagement that occur outside of the patient platform that patients are able to subscribe to:

  • – Text Messaging
  • – Email
  • – Paper Mail

After an accessible patient login, their identities are verified and they can make a variety of payments. Whether in full, partial or as a selected option from prior approved plans, you can be assured that your accounts receivable is well handled in an accessible and manageable method. By integrating patient choice, we have seen a dynamic improvement in satisfaction with our users.

Reduce Your Patient’s AR And Increase Your Collectable Accounts

iConnect’s abilities go far beyond being a financial patient engagement platform. Our patient experience not only allows for an optimized customer experience but also displays real-time insights about your patients. Custom reports allow for an in-depth analysis of your revenue cycle tracking and collections on our intuitive dashboard system.

Engage Your Patients, Enable Your Workflows, And Excite Your Accounting Team

Getting insights into patient behavior, and getting around insurance disputes is what iConnect does best. Our fully customizable dashboards allow for in-depth analysis and can promote successful, efficient, and effective patient experiences and allow for a free-flowing revenue cycle. Our expertise lies in safeguarding cash streams, facilitating positive financial outcomes, and delivering innovative technology to all of our clients. Contact Credence Global Solutions to get your demo of iConnect today!