Many medical offices are now investing in electronic medical record (EMR) systems to keep all their patients’ data secure yet still accessible to the practitioners overseeing treatments. It enables the medical facility to protect their patients’ welfare while avoiding wasteful and inefficient paper records. Today, we’ll discuss EMRs in more detail as a possible solution to boost the efficiency and security of your clinic’s daily operations.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the quality of the services your clinic provides, and the effectiveness with which you handle patient data, it may be time to consider transitioning to electronic medical records. While EMRs provide numerous advantages over paper records, there are 3 key benefits that really put them a notch above:

1. Secure Access and Data Protection

One of the most pressing concerns we have today is data privacy, especially due to the prevalence of identity theft and fraud-based crimes. Your clinic may have the patients’ best interests in mind, but you should still limit the number of personnel and visitors left unsupervised or unattended. If your office is still using paper records, someone could easily tamper with them, steal them, or use them to their advantage.

Fortunately, electronic medical record systems are encrypted, and only accessible to the attending medical practitioners. This ensures that patients’ wellbeing and privacy are prioritized, and your clinic’s reputation remains intact.

2. Eco-Friendly and Effective

Paper-based medical records pile up quickly, taking up a lot of space in the reception area and other parts of your medical facility. You also have to resort to wasteful paper shredding and tedious computer encoding to process all the data. As a result, your clinic can become overwhelmed by the volume of patient records you receive and the pressure to organize them.

These eco-related and efficiency concerns are not a problem for electronic medical record systems. You can simply access your patients’ data through your electronic devices and speak with your medical coding and billing services about any concerns. You can also organize all the records efficiently and not worry about them taking up space.

3. Easy Data Backup and Tracking

Paper-based medical records are vulnerable to damage and are tedious to locate. You can also easily lose paper-based medical records since they are hard to organize and find in tight filing cabinets. They expose your clinic to security risks, which can land you in a lot of legal trouble if your patients find out.

You can prevent the loss of patient records with electronic medical record systems. EMR systems can securely back up all data for safekeeping, as well as provide the history of who accessed any particular data for effective security auditing. Through this service, you can avoid landing into any related legal liabilities when it comes to your patients’ data.

Part of Your Overall Strategy to Increase Efficiency and Revenue

Paper medical records are not only a thing of the past but also extremely wasteful and inefficient for any modern healthcare facility. Electronic medical record systems are preferred, and enable you to provide higher-quality services to patients by effectively managing their medical data.

EMRs also serve as a vital starting point for you to streamline your office’s overall efficiency and maximize its revenue. Having an electronic medical system in place enables you to easily outsource medical coding and billing tasks, and puts your office in a better position to take advantage of advanced technology solutions that can transform your revenue cycle.

Empowering Financial Transformation for Healthcare Companies

At Credence Global Solutions, we provide healthcare companies with the services and technology solutions they need to transform their finances. From outsourced medical billing and coding services, to advanced patient self-pay technology solutions, we offer the complete suite of solutions to manage your revenue cycle. Our solutions fully integrate with EMR systems for the most seamless and efficient experience. To find out how we can help you become more profitable and competitive in your market, contact us today.