Patient engagement is vital to any business, especially since the digital revolution is constant and always updated. The future of healthcare is being shaped by patient engagement, making it necessary to further the quality of care and at the same time, reduce healthcare costs. It’s important to understand exactly what patient engagement means, though- contrary to popular belief, it’s beyond just the topic of methods on outsourcing medical billing, streamlined medical processes, and telehealth.

An engaged patient is a happy patient who is more likely to recommend your business or services and pay their bills, eventually improving your bottom line. Keep reading to find out the benefits of patient engagement as well as how iConnect can help you achieve it.

Benefits of Patient Engagement


There are many benefits for keeping your patients engaged. Some of them include:

• More cooperative communication between patients and employees

• Sustainable patient satisfaction

• Reduced critical errors

• Reduced costs

In order to improve your bottom line, your patients have to pay their bills. The iConnect patient portal’s smart features allow it to be easily navigated, customizable to a patient’s needs, and ensuring flexibility to choose finance plans. This helps maximize the chances that they’ll pay their bills. Here are a few other ways to ensure this:

Maximize the Chances That Your Patients Will Pay


1. Pay different amounts:

With just a few simple clicks, patients can make full payments, partial payments, or select an approved payment plan within seconds.

2. Pay different ways:

Patients have the flexibility to choose if they want to pay online, through the portal, or even over the phone.

3. Use different payment types:

Payment options include credit card, debit card, and check.

4. Click to call button:

The click to call button gives patients an easy way to get answers if they have questions about their bill. There’s no need to go searching for a business card or online for a phone number because accessible right in the portal.

The iConnect patient engagement platform will help improve your bottom line. iConnect was created to help your company achieve faster communication and quick resolution time to reduce payment delays. It’s easier than ever to keep your patients on track and ensure that they stay engaged.  

Engaged Patients Create Better Outcomes


The aforementioned benefits are just some of the compelling reasons to invest in patient engagement. Although such changes come with costs and challenges, the rewards are well worth it. In the age of digitalization, coming up with new ways to sustain and better the outcomes is necessary not just for your facility’s survival, but patient care as a whole.

If you wish to improve your facilities and processes, an outsourced medical billing service can be your first step. Credence Global Solutions is a business process outsourcing company, specializing in helping healthcare providers grow sustainably. Engage in better processes today, reap better outcomes tomorrow—reach out to learn more.