Advances in technology have revolutionized many systems in healthcare over the years, with the goal of improving patient experience and increasing engagement. However, the arrival of the pandemic has placed an increasing amount of pressure on this trend. For example, there has been a large push towards technology-enabled services, such as telehealth and electronic health records.

Also during this time, healthcare organizations have felt tremendous increasing pressure to improve their revenue cycle management. If the answer to improving healthcare revenue cycle management also lies in technology, can a modern digital experience create patient engagement for billing?

We’d like to think so, with iConnect—a powerful patient engagement platform with the ability to take your revenue cycle management to the next level and empower financial transformation for your organization. Here’s how iConnect can create engagement for your patients:

Meeting Patients Where They Are—Digitally

The arrival of the digital age has brought with it the arrival of options—almost too many. Some early adopters jumped right into email, while others charged right past it to text. With iConnect, patients can choose to receive their notifications via email or text. This helps you initiate contact with patients in the medium where they spend the most time, which increases engagement. Patients can also still opt to receive their bills in the mail—the preferred option for those who aren’t as comfortable navigating the digital landscape for correspondence related to their healthcare. What’s even better, is that iConnect allows you to create a blend of these different options, to truly tailor your communications strategy with clients—an approach that yields high engagement, and results.

Evolved Beyond the Password

iConnect is an advanced patient engagement platform that features fast and secure access. Patients no longer have to fumble around looking for their username and password. When the notification arrives on the patient’s phone, one click takes them directly to their personalized patient portal. Nothing creates patient engagement like a lightning-fast and modern dashboard that looks like it was created just for you.

Full-Featured Options

In the past, when patients received a bill, there was only one choice—to pay, or not to pay. iConnect lets patients choose from a range of payment amounts and types. Patients can select to make a partial payment, full payment, or even enter into a payment plan—all with a few simple clicks. Combined with a wide selection of payment types, and you’ve got patients impressed, and engaged, with the modern digital experience.

The Need for Transformation

For healthcare organizations, revenue cycle management is an area in dire need of innovation. In their current state, most revenue cycle management systems are unnecessarily complex and manual, leaving a lot of room for improvement. The shift towards patient-driven care has opened up interest for an improved financial experience as well.

iConnect Patient Engagement Platform

Change is being driven by the pandemic at a fast pace. To keep up with the urgency to modernize, you need a partner like Credence Global Solutions. The rapid shift towards patient-driven care and a better digital experience is what our iConnect technology was made for. Our patient engagement platform is a transformational business solution that drives results and improves your revenue cycle management. Contact us today for a demonstration.