The iConnect patient engagement platform provides a customized interaction based on individual patient needs. The smart features within iConnect allow patients to have the freedom of choosing when they’ll pay, how they’ll pay, as well as they’re preferred contact methods. It’s easier than ever to keep your patients engaged and on track with their bills, creating a stress-free experience.

Digital transformation with iConnect optimizes patient portal engagement by providing tailored features- this maximizes cash flow and keeps patient satisfaction high. Keep reading to find out how to transition to iConnect and optimize patient portal engagement.

How to Roll Out iConnect Seamlessly:

Educating your staff is an important beginning step to fully optimize patient portal engagement. Staff may need help transitioning to the online portal, and we make it easy to do so. It’s also crucial to inform your patients of the transition to maintain seamless user experience. This is key for a positive patient experience.

Maximize the Chance That Your Patients See Your Correspondence

In order for your patients to pay their bills, they need a breakdown of what they are paying for, as well as a platform to do so. iConnect tailors the experience to your patients’ needs, here’s how:

1.    Contacting Patients Via Their Preferred Method

Patient engagement doesn’t have a one size fits all approach. That’s why iConnect allows your patients to choose what’s best for them. Patients can choose their billing method whether it be text message, email, or even paper mail.

2.    Contacting Patients on the Best Days and Times

Your patients lead busy lifestyles, so if you’re contacting them during their work hours, family time, etc. they may not see your correspondence. iConnect allows them to customize when they want to be contacted about their bills which leads to optimization of your patient portal engagement. This also ensures that bills are paid on time, increasing your cash flow.

3.    Ease the Login Process

Remembering usernames and passwords can be quite a hassle. With iConnect, you don’t have to. Just click the link sent to your email or phone and you’ll be taken straight into the portal.

The Need for Transformation

Digital experience is crucial to any business and its customers. iConnect was made to optimize patient-driven engagement and improve patient satisfaction. With just a few clicks, patients can make payments, see bill breakdowns, or even set up a payment plan. Experience the power of iConnect today.

iConnect Patient Engagement Platform

Change is being driven at a fast pace. To keep up with the urgency to digitally transform, you need a partner like Credence Global Solutions. The rapid shift towards patient-driven care and a better digital experience is what our iConnect technology was made for. Our patient engagement platform is a transformational business solution that drives results and improves your revenue cycle management. Contact us today for a demonstration.