In a world where our healthcare system mainly operates in a provider centric mode, we understand the value of delivering a patient centric strategy. By providing a patient centric approach which involves putting the patient first and foremost, it can produce better results in all aspects. Not only does the patient receive a better experience, but your company will achieve improved outcomes, such as maximizing payments. When patients are met with full transparency regarding where their money is going, it allows a relationship where trust can grow. At Credence, we developed iConnect with the intentional purpose of warranting a patient centric payment opportunity.

Benefits of iConnect

iConnect is a financial patient engagement platform offering quality and innovative services. We designed it to offer every patient a personalized experience because we understand each patient is different. For example, iConnect offers features that provide patients with full transparency of their bill statements and even flexibility as to how patients prefer to pay. Additionally, iConnect is powered by intelligent automation, so it’s tailored to each patient and knows the best way to reach them. We understand that there isn’t only one route to keep patients engaged, which is why we interact with patients via text message, email, and paper mail. Our algorithm recognizes which routes should be utilized and when to keep the patient engaged, all the while facilitating a positive interaction. By offering flexibility, convenience, and simplicity, your laboratory will attain quicker payments along with optimizing your cash flow.

By choosing Credence Global Solutions as the place to outsource your laboratory billing, we don’t just take care of all your billing needs. We also provide current insight and data on how to reduce patient accounts receivable and maximize payments. Accounts receivable outsourcing reaps benefits to your laboratory and allows you to concentrate on providing answers to patients. At Credence, an amplitude of services is there at your disposal, such as RCM, regarding laboratory billing; With the capacity to track revenue goals and reduce overall denied claims. Contact us today so your company can see a plethora of results.