Amidst a country-wide staffing shortage, labs of all types struggle to retain lab technicians. Between the COVID-19 pandemic causing job shortages and a general shift of more workers aiming for remote positions, the scientific fields have seen a decrease in new influxes of applications. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the job outlook for clinical laboratory technologists and technicians will increase by 7% in the next decade. 

Keeping current medical technologists (MTs) during staffing shortages can be challenging. However, retaining quality employees is one of the most important strategies a healthcare lab can follow to ensure success. 

Better Laboratory Recruiting Practices 

Traditional recruiting practices often include promises of a competitive wage, comprehensive training, and other incentives that entice potential employees to want to work with a specific company. While these perks are great to offer, the allure of a new workplace shouldn’t go away after a new lab technician starts. This is something many labs struggle with. But what is the best approach to take to make sure that MTs feel valued? 

Investing in your MTs shows them that you care about their work and their future with your business. Training development is one area employers shouldn’t skip out on. When MTs can expand their knowledge gap, it makes them more of an asset in their current workplace and gives them transferable skills as they advance in their career. As a whole, continued training also makes employees feel greater confidence in their role. 

New Strategies For Laboratory Management

Implementing new strategies for laboratory management is one of the most important things you can do to retain MTs. Here are a few suggestions: 

1. Avoid busy work by implementing streamlined operational processes like data automation 

2. Eliminate micromanagement practices 

3. Establish policies and procedures that are relevant to the current lab climate 

4. Provide regular performance evaluations that give MTs helpful information about job responsibilities and progress 

5. Create a healthy work-life balance

6. Set clear expectations for all employees from the start of employment 

However, laboratory management is more than just creating more efficient practices within your lab. It’s also about engaging with your MTs, and creating a culture of trust and belonging among employees. You can do this by rewarding positive job performance and offering constructive feedback when needed. 

Put Ideas Into Motion with Credence Global Solutions

MTs are more likely to stay at a lab where they feel valued and respected. This can’t happen if priorities are misaligned regarding laboratory management, nor does it help the staffing struggles that many labs are currently facing.

Now that you have learned some strategies for retaining lab technicians and MTs during staffing struggles, it’s time to put those ideas into practice. Now is the best time to initiate change and progress in your laboratory. With our expertise in helping businesses achieve stellar brand integrity and increased financial revenue through optimized operations, Credence Global Solutions can help you today.