Technology has the power to enhance all facets of one’s life, but technology can even improve your healthcare business. With the right technology usage, it can increase your business’ overall efficiency, elevate your company’s performance, and produce powerful results. Technology in the healthcare system is becoming increasingly prevalent and as time goes on, technology implementation will only grow. Specifically, technology is having an immense impact on the medical billing industry and is producing improved and drastic results.

Impact of Technology in the Medical Billing Industry

Paying medical bills is a difficult and frustrating task that most patients avoid at all costs of having to deal with, until the time comes where they are forced to. Research has shown that in recent years unpaid medical bills have become the number one source of debt for Americans. Thankfully, incorporating technology into your company’s billing services can offer convenience, less stress, and reduce payment delays. By providing direct pay options for the patients, technology allows them to see their bill in full, choose the best payment plan for them, and receive faster communication. The convenience and opportunity that comes along when you outsource your medical billing are endless and it’s all thanks to innovative and smart technology.

Using Technology in Creating Intelligent AR Workflow

New trends are being seen in the medical billing industry. One trend that is at the forefront is the shift to using intelligent AR workflow in order to reduce costs and keep patient engagement at its peak. Here at Credence Global Solutions, one of our technology-driven solutions we have created is iConnect. With our expert knowledge and understanding of technology, we have perfected iConnect, which is a personalized financial patient engagement platform. iConnect provides a personalized experience to each patient by providing customized and unique patient interactions, such as using various forms of contact methods to keep the patient involved. With a diverse number of services offered through iConnect, you can expect faster resolution times along with a decline of payment delays.

Boost Patient Satisfaction

The more convenient and easier paying medical bills become for your patients, your company will see higher rates of patient satisfaction. Our experts designed iConnect with the goal in mind of ensuring it is hassle-free and easy as can be. One advantage among the many iConnect offers is that patients do not have to deal with the annoyance of remembering their many passcodes, because with iConnect there is no need to register or remember your login. You can become instantly verified and make payments with ease, resulting in a decrease of payment delays. Reach out to our expert staff today so you can see for yourself all the perks iConnect has to offer.