Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable management (ARM) pertains to the standard operating procedures a company employs to facilitate sales offered on credit. At its core, ARM is a two-way street that benefits both the buyer and seller.

By ensuring that clients receive their invoices promptly, businesses can receive on-time payments regularly. Ultimately, ARM is the backbone of a robust cash flow management system and something we at Credence Global Solutions believe is a strategic financial asset.

Who Needs ARM?

Accounts Receivable Management is necessary for companies that permit sales on credit. Nowadays, businesses that do so are plentiful—which means you may not even know you need it!

ARM is imperative for institutions struggling with the complexity of collections and an abundance of payor contracts. However, we are firm believers in all industries’ ability to benefit from a robust ARM system.

Improve Your Finances

At Credence Global Solutions, we strive to reverse the effects of poor financial enforcement and a lack of planning by improving management techniques and equipping your company with enterprise solutions. Through our robust technological systems, we drive efficiency and quality to achieve positive financial outcomes.

Harness the Power of Automation

The first step we take towards optimizing your workflow is automation. With us, you’ll no longer have to keep consuming tabs on client accounts, invoice reminders, or pending emails. Instead, we incorporate triggers into your A/R collections program that generate notifications as needed.

Our dependable ARM solutions handle schedule tracking for you, promoting a set-it-and-forget-it mindset that enables you to re-focus your efforts on urgent tasks and operational assignments.

We pinpoint accounts that are experiencing chronic issues and may require special attention. If you’re spending too much time collecting aging reports, you’ll no longer have to chase overdue payments—we oversee that for you.

Save Time and Money

What an intelligent ARM strategy comes down to is whether you choose to work harder or smarter. In this case, we always encourage the latter. Via automated accounts, we help you save time and money by eliminating the need to track payments manually.

Adjusting Strategies to the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t only impacted the way businesses oversee their accounts receivable—it continues to undermine once-dependable financial strategies. However, the new normal doesn’t have to imply new problems.

We mitigate fluctuations and uncertainties via a sector-specific approach and apply in-depth knowledge of your industry. We study consumer demographics and patterns and formulate the appropriate communication habits. From there, we craft a strategy that best caters to your target audience.

Re-Gain Control Over Your Accounts

At Credence Global Solutions, we stand by an ARM system that is fast, flexible, and agile. With us, your business can expect to:

  • Reduce roll-rates, AR balance, days sales outstanding (DSO), and overall business risk

  • Increase compliance, operational efficiency, credit standing, revenue generation, and consumer trust

Our growth-forward approach promises to drive financial improvement even under extreme pressure. By reacting immediately, we overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and looming deadlines.

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