Utilities & Telecommunications

We cultivate robust technology platforms designed precisely for your industry, powered by the expertise of our team of Utilities & Telecommunications BPO Industry veterans and our proven systems to accelerate your business processes and fuel your revenue results.

Solutions Designed for Utilities & Telecom BPO

Credence Global Solutions formulated the Utilities and Telecommunications selections strategically to increase compliance, protect regulatory costs incurred in legal defense, and trigger consistent next-level growth for your unique organization.

Our Expertise

Zeroing in on the issues you face day-to-day within your industry has compelled us to deliver unsurpassed solutions with emphasis on delinquency management, customer service, compliance risk assessment and productivity enhancement.

  • Compliance and Risk Management Auditor (CARMA)
  • Compliance and Learning Management System
  • MSO & Agency Network Management Services
  • Customer Experience Solutions
    • Voice
    • Email
    • Chat
    • Inbound Call Centers
    • Omni-Channel Outreach
  • Churn Management and Early Out Cash Acceleration
  • Post Charge of Recoveries – All Levels
  • Dispute Management
  • Fraud Management Solutions
  • Finance & Accounting Functions
    • Trust Management
    • Financial Books Management
  • Correspondence Management
  • Technology Solutions
    • Multi-Channel Consumer Financial Engagement (iConnect)
    • Account Recovery Management (ADAM, CARMA)
    • Robotics Process Automation
    • Cash Upside Dashboard (CashIn)
  • Document Management System
  • Risk Management Consulting
  • Business Analytics and Optimization
  • Performance Enhancement Consulting

Utilities & Telecommunications Technology Solutions

Included in our extensive line-up of Utilities & Telecommunications solutions, we have created cutting edge technology based solutions to major industry-wide issues:


Powered by CARMA, iConnect is a Multi-Channel Consumer Financial Engagement platform that serves as a secure, one-stop communication tool for consumers with past due debt collection accounts. iConnect is a user-friendly application that enables consumers to receive account updates and notifications as well as to initiate voice, chat, and email conversations with the agency handling the account.


(Compliance and Risk Management Auditor) is highly customized to capture the nuances of supplier/customer relationships allowing the service providers, billers and collectors to collaborate and maximize the potential debt recovery for each account serviced.


(Account Distribution and Agency Management) is a Recovery Management System that provides the platform for inventory management and control matriculation of debt through the revenue cycle. ADAM is a rule-based inventory management engine that allows you to segment accounts to enhance allocation and liquidation performance.


An intelligently designed, intuitive dashboard built for Utilities & Telecommunications Providers to not only deliver standard metrics focused on cash acceleration but also provides actionable insights to improve cash flow across different revenue streams including Customer, Revenue leakage, Efficiency, and Documentation.


Designed to automate charge entry coding process, shorten billing cycle, reduce claims denials, and improve coder productivity reporting. The application uses advanced OCR technology with natural language programming, robotic process automation and machine learning to intelligently transform paper forms.

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Our systems & technology solutions streamline the functions necessary to position your organization to have the ability to focus intensely on what you do best allowing your team the freedom to grow and achieve excellence beyond belief.

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